‘Diana is an excellent yoga teacher.  Her classes have a good balance between postures and relaxation.  She is very supportive and works hard to help you progress.  You leave each class feeling considerably better than when you arrived.  Thoroughly recommended.’ – Madeline  (Abingdon)

‘Diana’s yoga class is an oasis of calm for me.  She is an empathetic and engaging teacher offering support and guidance so that everyone benefits from their practice.  Attending class is an essential part of looking after my mind, body and soul.’  – Amanda

‘Diana’s classes are a welcoming, relaxed place to be.  Somehow, she manages to cater for everyone: those with experience, beginners and all levels in-between!  There is no pressure, only gentle encouragement.  Her classes are a valuable “time out” from daily pressures.  I always look forward to them, and leave feeling refreshed and glad I’ve been.’  – Linda

‘I am so pleased to have found Diana’s yoga class in Letcombe Regis. Not only is the setting idyllic and perfect for a gentle yoga session, but Diana is an intuitive and knowledgeable instructor. I had some reservations about starting yoga after a long break and ill health but Diana has eased me back in with warmth and kindness. Her tuition is easy to understand for me (as a beginner) and Diana is always clear about listening to our own bodies, experimenting with what feels right and is always available for individual instruction and/or modifications. The class is so friendly, and the hall at Letcombe is wonderfully peaceful. I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without my Thursday yoga now, it has become my favourite day of the week.’  – Nicola

‘I enjoy my Tuesday morning Yoga sessions because they are such a contrast to my busy family life and demanding job.  Yoga helps me to take some time out for myself to enjoy some calm and relaxation as well as to improve my flexibility and stamina.  I love the quiet and positive sessions and the chance to tune into my own breathing and sense of wellbeing.  Yoga has helped me to feel restored and re-energised so I feel confident about the rest of the week.’ – Madeleine (Wantage)

‘There are times when I am tired and have so many things to do that I could quite easily think of not to going to yoga. But I never miss a yoga lesson, unless I am away, because I know from experience that I will always feel better afterwards. The sessions are not easy, we are building up on previous weeks postures, but there is a sense of fulfilment from the gradual improvements. Although of course everyone can work at their own pace and ability. Diana helpfully makes suggestions to improve our postures or suggests alternative ways of doing things to achieve the same effect. We always finish the class with relaxation and meditation or breathing exercises.’ – Angela F

‘I have been going to Diana’s Wantage class for over a year now and I wish I had started before.  Diana has a wonderful way of making everyone feel at ease whatever their level of ability.  I have been very surprised at how much I have benefited from these yoga sessions, and it has become a real treat to have an hour and a half “me-time” every week!’ – Sue A

‘I have been attending Diana’s Tuesday morning Yoga class in Wantage since September 2014. I feel that she is understanding and motivates us to get the most from the session. I look forward to the classes and hope to continue as I want to remain positive and healthy as my 60th year approaches! Thank you Diana.’ – Sue H