“Diana is an excellent yoga teacher.  Her classes have a good balance between postures and relaxation.  She is very supportive and works hard to help you progress.  You leave each class feeling considerably better than when you arrived.  Thoroughly recommended.”     – Madeline  (Abingdon)


“I am relatively new to Yoga and I have really enjoyed joining Diana’s class in Wantage.  It is a friendly and encouraging environment where Diana’s quietly confident manner helps the class to get the most out of their Yoga.  Diana watches how each position is approached and gently helps everyone to work at their own level; if someone is new to Yoga,  Diana suggests a less challenging version of a position and if they a used to Yoga, Diana offers stronger and more challenging versions.  I love taking part and feel that I am much more supple and freer in my movement than when I started; I also like the relaxation at the end each session (a really positive and uplifting way to conclude the class).”      – Madeleine  (Wantage)


“I have been going to Diana’s Wantage class for over a year now and I wish I had started before.  Diana has a wonderful way of making everyone feel at ease whatever their level of ability.  I have been very surprised at how much I have benefited from these yoga sessions, and it has become a real treat to have an hour and a half “me-time” every week!”  Sue A


“I have been attending Diana’s Tuesday morning Yoga class in Wantage since September 2014. I feel that she is understanding and motivates us to get the most from the session. I look forward to the classes and hope to continue as I want to remain positive and healthy as my 60th year approaches! Thank you Diana.”    -Sue H